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I am the Witness, I am Mohammad, I am the Elephant Man

lil update. i caught the show this past sunday @ TNT's in michigan. awesome show. here's the set list for anyone that cares

The Sacrifice of Miss Rose Covington
Worm in a Dog's Heart
100 Suicides
Love Song for a Witch
Pogo the Clown
Acid Memoirs
Vertigo Motel
Rebel Yell (Billy Idol cover)
9 to 5 at the Morgue
Albino Rhino
Rapist Eyes

first, i didn't recognize the song labeled as "Satanic". it was written on the set-list like that. it didn't sound familiar. i don't own experiments in alchemy, or embryo's in bloom, is it from that? in other kool-ness at the show, during 9 to 5, the other bands ran up on stage, and jason fell directly on me & my girlfriend. it rocked. he hit he floor, and laid there for a min., before jumping back into the song. some big dude picked him up, and jason kept right on goin. while Jason was on the ground (and since it was at the end of the set, i was able to snatch a set-list off the stage. while i'm here, i have 1 more question (i apologize if i missed a conversation about this here already, but i don't get online a lot anymore). what happened to Baby Satan, and Rat on a Sinking Ship? they're not on adultry. have they just become like b-sides or something?
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